Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson // Bio

Thomas Gibson became a name during the ‘90s with a series of memorable small-screen turns in the miniseries Armistead Maupin's 'Tales of the City', Chicago Hopeon CBS, and Dharma & Gregon ABC, where he earned a pair of Golden Globe nominations for his work. After that, Gibson headlined a string of TV-movies before taking on the role of FBI agent Aaron Hotchner on the hit police procedural Criminal Mindswith CBS.


Head of an NSA Terrorism Unit, gruff, direct, results driven, he has been scarred from the death of his daughter while serving in the US military in Afghanistan. His many worldwide connections—from  the UK's Mi6 to Nabahe and his elite unit of Shadow Wolves—allow him to covertly push the envelope, thwarting terrorists no matter what the threat.  His main operative is Eric Shaw.

Cody Walker


Cody Walker // Bio

Cody stepped into overnight fame when he stood in for his brother Paul Thomas Walker, who died tragically while filming Fast and Furious 7. Cody lived up to expectations, and a new star was born. After a recurring role in 'In The Rough,' Cody returned to features alongside Nicolas Cage in ‘USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.’ Cody also remains active with the non-profit created by his brother, Reach Out (

Playing // Eric Shaw

A ruggedly handsome, tough, uncompromising NSA operative, haunted by a past filled with violent undercover operations. He is brutal and trained in every form of combat. He begins to “heal” by joining the Shadow Wolves team and also reckoning with his growing feelings for fellow Shadow Wolves member, Cheyenne.

Graham Greene


Graham Greene // Bio

Born in 1952 on Six Nations reserve in Oshweken, Ontario, Canada, Graham Greene is a member of the Oneida tribe. His reservation is home to Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora peoples who unified during the American Revolution, making them one of the largest bands in Canada with more than 25,000 members.

Perhaps best known for his Academy Award nomination for best supporting role in “Dances with Wolves”(1990), Greene had Native roles in movies such as “Thunderheart,” “The Last of His Tribe,” and his debut film “Running Brave.” Greene also had roles in mainstream films such as “Twilight: New Moon,” “The Green Mile,” “Maverick,” and “Die Hard With a Vengeance.”

Playing // NABAHE

A Native American from the Navajo tribe, he is the leader of the Shadow Wolves, an elite group of Native “trackers” who once worked for the DEA but after being defunded, have regrouped and organized together as a rogue unit to protect the “borders” of their lands. He’s a tough-as-nails military trained operative who fought side by side in Iraq with Branson, who now covertly funds the Wolves. Nabahe is a family man, a mentor to Cheyenne, and always has an amusing “ancient” saying or anecdote to fit any situation.

Louise Lombard


Louise Lombard // Bio

Louise Lombard landed a leading role in the TV series Chancer, opposite Clive Owen. Lombard then broke through to national fame in 1991, with the lead role of Evangeline Eliott in the three-season House of Eliott series on the BBC. American viewers, however, will most closely associate Lombard with the romantic lead of Lady Anne Davenport in the Viggo Mortensen period adventure saga Hidalgo (2004), and the role of Dr. Harriet Fellows, a physician who assists crash survivor Alec Baldwin, in the TNT movie Second Nature (2003). From 2004-2008, Louise played the recurring role of Sophia Curtis in “CSI,” and recently had roles in “NCIS” (CBS).


A stern, no smiles, Oxford-bred “director” of the UK's Mi6. She is the ultimate keeper of secrets, especially since she has many of her own after years of espionage.

Tom Hutch

Tom Hutch


A lean and dangerous Mi6 operative who has no hesitation to use any means possible to carry out his assignments. He’s generally at odds with the system but still the favorite operative of his boss, Lady Milton.

Sibongile Mlambo

Sibongile Mlambo

Playing // Zora

An Mi6 covert operative that Lady Milton uses on special assignments and is grooming to head up key positions. She is athletic and lethal with a long term grudge against her fellow operative McLaren.

Amara Zaragoza

Amara Zaragoza

Playing // Cheyenne

A gorgeous and tough-as-steel Native American woman, trained in the use of all weapons, having been mentored by Nabahe since he had her released from serving in prison. Unbeknownst to the the other Wolves she has been involved in covert operations with Nabahe all over the world. And even though she seems immune to male advances, she starts to have feelings for Shaw when he joins the Wolves.

Kiowa Gordon

Kiowa Gordon

Playing // RAY

A lithe and athletic Native American, he is impulsive, hot-headed and an expert marksman with military training.

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

Playing // Horse

A muscular Native American, former all-state quarterback, expert tracker, gourmet cook, and killing machine on dirt bikes.

Roman Zaragoza

Roman Zaragoza

Playing // Junior

A nerdy, half-Japanese, good-looking Native American, who is an expert computer and data analyst. He runs the Wolves’s operational van and maintains their high tech headquarters.

Estrella Nouri

Estrella Nouri

Playing // Alex Williams

A highly educated, sexy, NSA “associate” who's wealthy parents are guiding her rise in Washington DC’s political world. She knows the rule book inside out and is in constant conflict with her boss Branson, reporting on him to her secret sources in the White House.

Lara Clear


Playing // Lauren

An Mi6 operative working undercover for Lady Milton-Simon to stay "close" to Khan. She is a highly trained expert in covert work and also the former lover of her fellow Mi6 agent McLaren.

Alec Whaite


Playing // Mendenez

The violent, passionate, handsome, educated head of a Mexican drug cartel, who loves the finer things of life and looks at the selling of drugs as simply a business. He brooks no betrayal and with his family’s fortune stops at nothing to get what he wants.

Burton Perez


Playing // Sanchez

A Mexican sniper as well as Mendenez right-hand man for smuggling drugs, he is also operating human trafficking operations across the US border. Having made a secret deal with Khan and his ISIS terrorist connections that his boss does not know about, he helps smuggle “terrorist” cells across the US/Mexico border.

Solomon Shiv


Playing // Khan

An extremely wealthy Afghan Arab who lives in London while plotting revenge for his family and village that were wiped out by a US Military drone after being led to the village by the Shadow Wolves. Now riddled with cancer he’s madly driven to work with ISIS to personally cross the US border to kill the Wolves and blow up the Wolves’s tribal casino.

Lak Rana


Playing // Omar

Khan's right-hand assassin who prefers to eliminate targets with secretive, quick methods.

Xochitl Gomez-Deines


Playing // Chucky

Nabahe’s cute, precocious daughter who loves to practice magic tricks and the electric guitar. She has her father’s courageous blood in her and is a hero to her family and tribe.

Kimberly Guerrero


Playing // Naomi

Nabahe’s beautiful, and much younger wife. She is strong willed and teaches her daughter Chucky the “old ways” of her tribe.  She was a former lover of Nabahe’s brother Natanni which was the cause of the rift between the two brothers.

Eugene // Brave Rock


Playing // Natanni

Natanni is the estranged younger brother of Nabahe, and a tough, seasoned Navy Seal war veteran. His division with his brother was over Naomi, who Nabahe married after she had been with Natanni for years. At a Native American military honor ceremony, the two brothers acknowledge each other’s service, and Natanni knows he must take control of the Shadow Wolves if anything happens to Nabahe.